The Top 5 Tips for Travel Wellness


Travelling really takes it out of you, physically and mentally.

I travel a lot, suffering from jetlag, dry skin, colds and aches time and time again. Isn’t it horrible!?
After trying and testing many methods I believe I may have collated the essential 5 tips to optimise your travel wellness! These are what you have been waiting for!  5 Helpful ideas that help you remain fresh, happy and well with minimal jet-lag whilst travelling.

1. Eat well & Hydrate!

Nutrition is vital! Having the right things to eat can help more that you would ever imagine. On flights, sure you fuel up properly and try to avoid the high sugar/salt options that they serve onboard. Try making your own travel snacks of healthy trail mixes, nut butters on rice cakes or healthier nibbles from an airport shop. I love Graze packs, or fresh fruit and veg … and HYDRATE!!!

2. Stretching 

Your body will be tight and drained after travelling and flying, and your mind confused. Working out, (in whatever capacity) will make you feel so much better. Try not to overdo yourself, I’ve made this mistake too. Even a walk is fine and if you run, be sure to incorporate some yoga/stretching or you’ll be even tighter. Exercise will also help you sleep and relax to combat the jet lag.

3. Get in sync…

Stay awake – or go to sleep dependent on your arrival time zone. (For instance, when coming back to England from the US I will wake up early in the UK despite my body saying its 3/4 am, and I will sleep a bit earlier. To help this I drink sleepy tea with Valerian root in it. Works wonders. zzzz

4. Stay VITLmined up

You should really be taking your vitamins anyway, so while travelling it’s even more important. It is so easy to become deficient in your essential minerals and vitamins which contributes to a weakened immune system, insomnia or tiredness, decreased mood and bad skin among other things. Prepping with your perfect vitamin selection – for you, by VITL is the perfect way to prep and stay topped up !

5. Take your essential Wellness items with you when you fly/ drive / train.

Everyone has their personal go – to’s, well I know that I do! Try and create a little wellness pack with your perfect products that help you sleep, keep you calm and make you happy, inside and out.

My recommended products :

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  • Neom Organic Essential Energy Travel kit – BUY HERE
  • Graze Snacks – BUY HERE
  • Relax tea – BUY HERE
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