The Power Of Sound

Isn’t it incredible how the music we listen to can influence how our brain functions and trigger different emotions?

Our knowledge about the impact of music, or more specifically Sound Frequencies on human beings is becoming more profound than ever before. There is a whole other realm to the capabilities of what different Frequencies can do to for us.

Did you know…

Each part of our body holds a HEALTHY resonant frequency that can sometimes be altered due to our lifestyle or environment. When this frequency changes then the affected body part vibrates out of sync. This causes ailments, imbalances and conditions such as Insomnia, Depression, Lethargy, ADD and Migraines (if we were to be looking at the brain).

What has been discovered is that Sound Frequencies can assist with the treatment of such conditions. These Frequencies that can be extracted from natural sources such as plant  or man made using technology. They encourage the body to reclaim its original resonance and restore itself back to its former state of health.

What does it feel like?

Individuals have described the Sound Therapy experience as feeling like being covered in a cool shower of sound with surges of mental clarity, energy and body vibrations.

What the listener is experiencing here is the phenomenon known as “entrainment” in which every rhythmic feature of the human body (heartbeat, brainwave and respiration) begins to change in order to synchronise with the rhythm of a more powerful, optimal performing mind and body.

In essence, Sound Frequencies act like Vitamins and Minerals in our body. Most people are deficient in certain tones. As with Vitamins, each one of us needs a certain balance of these Frequencies to maintain our bodies state of equilibrium and overall wellbeing for the body and mind.

Give it a go?

Wanting to experience Sound Therapy for yourself?! You can download one of the specialised Apps that provide frequencies for different conditions such as Natura Sound, or nip in to see a professional Sound Therapist, which can be found here… or

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