The Willow

As a North Londoner I wouldn’t usually be caught travelling south of the river for a casual mid week lunch but I’d been told that The Willow was a must visit spot.
Located on the edge of London in the town of Norbiton which happened to only be 25 minutes from central London, The Willow is a restaurant that everyone has to experience!

Most prominent to me is how they’ve managed to follow the Healthy food revolution that’s swept our nation (and many others), while all the while offering a menu that everyone and anyone can enjoy.
What I’m meaning is that it’s not only the likes of myself and my vegan / Paleo friends that would want to dine at The Willow; their menu consists of nourishing options that range from sustainably sourced rare roast beef and crusted halibut to sweet potato gnocchi and vegan portobello mushroom burgers. They are innovative, forward thinking and motivated to demonstrate their ethos of “Food as Medicine” and what “real” healthy food can and should taste like. They’ve left the dry falafel and gluten free bread rolls far behind, along with any stigma attached to gluten free food being distasteful, as it will take no more than one visit to The Willow to be won around, I promise.

The Willow  

I dined with my Nutritionist friend and new mummy, Angelique Panagos (who happened to be a regular here). We shared some Kale Chips then for my main I opted for the portobello mushroom falafel burger with a side salad. I have to say that this was the best veggie burger I have EVER had! It was moorish, ridiculously tasty and I did not even notice that the burger was mushrooms and not bread, other than that I felt fabulous and unbolted afterwards. Angelique had the Halibut with sweet potato chips and we would have had one of their delicious looking deserts but were too full.

Meeting the staff and being shown around The Willow I quickly learnt that they are far beyond a normal restaurant. Their ethos, facilities, goals and community make them more of  an educational hub, as well as a family. They have workshop rooms, filming kitchens and a sister Health Centre next door. I love everything that they’re doing and will be taking friends and family there for a Sunday Lunch very soon! They were definitely worth the slight trek from North London.

Check them out here for more information! CLICK HERE 

Address : 16 The Triangle, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 3RT

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  1. This Gem you found makes my mouth water after reading the menu ? I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen or heard of a place like this in the United States. Americans make poor food choices. May I ask a question, what is poussin??

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