Pfeffer Sal : The Future of Facials

I remember reading an article at the age of 11 telling me that I should be cleansing and moisturising my skin. At that age, I most definitely wasn’t. Nowadays I am very (increasingly so), conscious about my skin and the products that I use. Why?

  • Anti-ageing and preventative measures
  •  Animal testing that goes on amongst brands
  • Our skin is our biggest organ
  • Our skin absorbs a majority of what we put on it

Pfeffer Sal

Pfeffer Sal is a facial care sanctuary based in London’s Fitzrovia. Hidden at the end of a cute mews, you enter through a door that takes you down into an underground haven. (you feel as though you’ve actually stepped into another dimension).

Escorted down a gently lit domed hallway and into a comfortable seating area, I’m handed a glass of activated charcoal alkaline water (it’s all the rage). A lovely tall girl, Kate, tells me that the air I’m currently breathing is NASA approved. She then takes me through the Pfeffer Sal concept, their values and what to expect from my “Gently does it” treatment.

Gently Does It

“Gently Does It” is a soothing, collagen boosting and complexion rejuvenating treatment with the added bonus of decreasing cell inflammation. Harnessing the natural power of ingredients, it’s a mouthful, but almost good enough to eat.

Exclusive to Pfeffer Sal, the treatment claims to deliver stunning results by harnessing the power of scientifically led, specially selected natural and chemical-free ingredients and technology. It’s also made bespoke to each client. Completing a lengthy questionnaire, I understand that at every stage of the treatment there are multiple choices to ensure that the products and technologies are completely tailored to my specific skin needs. Bespoke wellness is an evolving idea that I love. Why make something so generic when we’re all so different?

Taken into my treatment room, I tuck myself under a fluffy towel and observe the room. It’s is dark blue, a relaxing hue and smells of beautiful essential oils. My savvy and very knowledgeable therapist begins the process which lasts around an hour. I’ve never had so much attention paid to my face before and as she completes each stage, I feel more and more like I may wake up looking completely different.

As I’m cleansed, painted, scrubbed, picked and pampered I learn that “Gently Does It” is the first treatment to incorporate live probiotics (great for anti ageing and locking in skin moisture). The treatment also uses EGF (good for cell rejuvenation) and Ultrasound technology, just to make sure the products penetrate through properly.

At the end of the treatment I feel as though I have a new face (quite literally). I’m in a dreamy state and feel slightly guilty walking outside into the polluted London air, let alone putting any makeup on. That would be criminal.

The Pfeffer Sal experience was really like no other, and 2 weeks on my skin feels the best that it ever has. Additionally, I’ve since got into the habit of ALWAYS taking my makeup off before bed and cleansing everyday. If I could, I’d have a Pfeffer Sal treatment every week, but that would be an over indulgence, so you’ll find me there every few months.

Need to Know about the “Gently Does It” treatment:
• Suitable for delicate, sensitive skin
• The ideal option for advocates of clean and green
• Perfect for those suffering from redness
• Gentle enough and the perfect treatment during pregnancy 
Thankfully, with modern advancement in skincare and some great innovative clean products in the industry we are able to introduce Gently Does It.

Click through here to have a peek at their website :

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