Some New Year Revelations


What we should really be thinking about for the New Year …

Over previous years I have been one to hit myself with New years resolutions that have been easy, absurd, addictive or unachievable. Usually, they don’t tend to actually make me happy, can you relate?

I’ve stuck to them, or not so – tried at them but somewhat failed, or become overly obsessed with them. Regardless of what they hade been, for some reason I usually end up feeling disappointed with myself, and we can ALL be culprits of this. With the media splurging New year Resolutions for a NEW YOU with fad diets, the latest workouts, new gadgets and procedures left right and centre we get so caught up in what we haven’t achieved, haven’t got or don’t “feel” enough that we forget what it really is that WE want, what’s best for us, as individuals.

Last year I decided to blank the idea of resolutions altogether and it suited me ok but this year I have decided to take it a step in another direction and acknowledge some little things that could contribute to my overall happiness, productivity and how much I value myself as a person. Little things that I will be able to easily achieve and won’t change me as a person overnight but will pave the way for me to feel better in myself. For many, nutrition and exercise could come into this but I know where I stand here and you won’t find any of that below – whoop, sorry.

I think that we could all take a note from this list, take a lookie….


  1. Take more time out to relax and just “be”

  2. Go to bed a bit earlier

  3. Acknowledge the little achievements in life more

  4. Spend more time and money on making memories with the people that I love

  5. To remember that it’s okay to make mistakes

  6. To remember that I’m more than my worth, accomplishments and failures

  7. To be less afraid of saying no

  8. To slow down and acknowledge my surroundings a little more

  9. To trust my gut feeling instead of others more because it’s usually right

I hope that these may trigger a little thought about some self care goals that you could make for when you next wake, as New Years Day is just another day and we can make changes anytime we want!

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