Megan’s is somewhere that I’ve been meaning to visit for a while!

I’ve frequently caught sight of them on Instagram, heard about them through a friend or whizzed past their sky blue front in an uber but I’ve never quite made it there to dine! Well, last week I had the pleasure of catching up with the lovely Sophie Stanbury over a delicious trio of vibrant salads and salmon one sunny afternoon, and I hadn’t expected the space to be so adorable and pretty!

It has a distinctive “English countryside” feel to it on a first entrance, then the restaurant leads down into a lower ground and outdoor dining space. The walls are curtained with flowers and the outside covered in fairy lights – incredibly cosy with a very light atmosphere, I could even see how it could be rather magical at times.

Now, as you would probably go there to dine I’ll speak a little of the food. The options were good and my salad and salmon were lovely and fresh. Tasty and well marinated. The staff are friendly and Sophie, as my guest is always a joy to see. I would definitely recommend a visit with friends, family or alone (I will definitely be found doing a spot of work over a coffee in there now).

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