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Growing up I always associated Philips with lightbulbs and TV’s but have since learnt that they are one of the pioneering companies in beauty tech. 
Offering a range of devices that improve your wellbeing and make your life that little bit easier, I am extremely happy to be working with them to help share the importance of “ME” time for your mind and body. I am also letting you in on some of my lifesaver must-have Philips beauty care products. 

Let’s be honest, Sunday’s are pretty special.

With a busy schedule, diverse working hours and events across most weekdays I find the best day to NOT set an alarm and allow myself to rest, prep and pamper, is Sunday. Feeling ready for the week ahead is a priority, and self-care is a major part of that.

One thing that I have been influenced by, and progressively learnt is how VERY worthwhile it is to invest in some key beauty products for home use. I’ve become a keen fan of holistic ritual kits, massage crystals and scientifically proven beauty solutions; such as hair removal devices.

You know that feeling when you leave a spa after a facial and your skin feels as soft as a baby’s bottom? Don’t you wish that this feeling could last for weeks, but it just doesn’t? Or when you hear about the latest clinic treatments, but the need to purchase sessions, put aside money and hours every week just seems like too much of a commitment? I simply don’t get round to it.

I have carefully selected the products below to share with you why and how they are part of my “ME time”, and having bought similar devices over the last few years I have realised that you need to spend your money on a brand that you can trust; so all the information and advice written here is based on my genuine user experience and results with the Philips devices :).

Philips Lumea Prestige

Are you a shaver or a waxer?

I am beyond excited about this little nifty number that has made my life so much easier!!
I was a waxer because I liked the couple of weeks it gave me of worry-free smooth skin and while I’ve thought about laser hair removal, I just never got around to booking the sessions due to time and money. When I found out that I could do hair removal at home with a device that provided me with up to 8 weeks of smooth & hair-free skin, trying it out was an absolute no-brainer.

The device comes with 4 attachments for use on your body (legs / arms / stomach), face, underarms and bikini area. My hair is dark and so it works particularly well, due to the high contrast between my skin tone and hair colour (yes, whoop). Please note that it is not suitable for white/grey, light blonde or red hair or very dark skin (because of the low contrast between the hair colour and skin tone) but don’t worry, because it has an installed SmartSkin sensor that automatically tests your skin type and uses the correct setting, enabling you to achieve the best results possible.

How does it work?

I love the science behind things so was very interested to read into how this little device actually works!

The device runs using IPL technology (different to laser), it projects gentle pulses of light that progressively reduce the re-growth of hair and put the root into a resting phase. For the first 6 weeks it’s best to use the Lumea Prestige every 2 weeks and you will experience most of the hair (92%) in your treatment area to disappear! If you see some slight regrowth you can use every month or two thereafter. The next best bit is that you can be reminded by the Philips Lumea IPL app when you’re next due to use the device, which is super helpful – (if you’re forgetful like me).

Recommended for anyone who wants an alternative to laser hair removal without the hefty price tag and time commitment, the Lumea Prestige is an easy self-use home device that you can take anywhere with you.


This is where my first experience of feeling like I’ve just had a facial at home came from! Once you’ve tried it there is a certainty of no going back! (My mum and my sister are always using it too)!
The VisaPure Advanced is the ultimate electronic facial device.

Having quite sensitive skin that tends to alternate between being oily and dry, dependent on my environment, stress and flights etc, I find that some exfoliators tend to be aggressive.
I initially questioned how an electronic facial brush would affect my skin, but was very pleasantly surprised.
It is very kind to my skin, with a brush head made of silky soft bristles that help cleanse your face amazingly, 10x more effectively than by hand.
Being a regular traveler, I love that you can take it anywhere with you. Small and super light, it comes in a handy little bag with 3 different attachments for facial cleansing, massage and eye brightening, plus an optional ANTI-POLLUTION head that I have found to be an essential living in London.

Phillips anti pollution brush

The brush head removes up to 100% of pollution particles, something that is extremely important in preventing the harmful ageing effects caused by pollution.
The charcoal sponge centre and silky soft bristles work together to dislodge even the smallest of pollution particles from pores and when made wet, the charcoal sponge becomes soft and works like a magnet to attract and absorb the dirt and oil clogging the skin. It leaves my skin feeling and looking so much more alive after a day running around London!

I would recommend the VisaPure Mini or Advanced facial device to anyone wanting an easy way to improve your skincare routine through a long-lasting, cost efficient and very effective product. Now – CITY DWELLERS, the Anti-pollution head is an absolute necessity!

However you prefer to spend your “ME” time, make choices for your mind and body and don’t discount how important it is to allocate time for yourself. Try something a little different and include in some pampering time. I would love to know how you get on if you purchase the products above, knowing how wonderful I have personally found them! 

This is a sponsored post by Philips but all written content is based on my genuine experience with the Philips devices.

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