Health & Fitness Trends 2017

Fitness becomes functional, and social




There proved to be a prominent shift in the health and fitness industry over 2016. We witnessed an incredible influx of bespoke fitness studios and novel ways to workout to achieve that dream body.

Our social scenes will continue to change as we increasingly become even more health conscious and receptive to ongoing trends. We’ve seen Tinder and other dating apps influence the way we meet, date & mate. This virtual influence is now meandering into the health industry.


It’s proving to be a viable option as our lives become busier, we work more and we go out less.
As a result, more and more of us are meeting people, catching up and even going on dates over post work out meals and smoothies, instead of drinks. I predict that 2017 will bring even more social fitness apps, clean eating clubs, and fitness events


Plant based and insect protein




We have seen the focus on protein over the past few years propel. People are a lot more aware of their diets, what to eat and how to eat it in order to stay lean and build muscle.
To begin with, Whey and Soya proteins were at the forefront when it came to protein supplements, until more recently.
2016 saw an alignment, more than ever before with both the Health and Fitness markets. While the two fields have always been associated (like the Health and Medical industries), they have never quite converged so much.

Resultantly, we’ve learnt about the health risk factors associated with high soya consumption, and with so many of us opting out of dairy, a big gap in the market started to open.
Over the past few years we’ve seen the array of fitness supplements, snacks, foods and drinks escalate on a scale like never before; and it’s only going to continue.

Expect to see even more products containing insect flour (which contains 3x more protein than steak), more plant based protein supplements and many more novel ways to eat the desired protein.
What we should keep a little eye out for in 2016? A special little water lentil that goes by the name of Lemna. Have a Google…





Thought of as the second brain for the body, a healthy gut loaded with good bacteria is the latest wellness craze. We have become significantly more aware of how important our gut health is for our overall wellbeing, from the condition of our skin to the functionality of our brain.
And how do we achieve this optimal gut condition?
It is thought that the consumption of probiotic supplements and foods is a prominent factor. Probiotic bacteria feed the prebiotic organisms in our gut, which break down our food. So, keeping them healthy is a big priority.

With this is mind, 2016 saw a a tremendous rise in the popularity, availability and exposure of foods such as Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Tempeh and Kefir. My prediction? I think that we will only see this trend grow in 2017. Try out the Kefir by Lifeway for some great options to suit all tastebuds. Kefir is 99% Lactose free and you can find Coconut Kefir as a dairy alternative from most major health food stores, such as Wholefoods!

Mushrooms & Superfood Lattes


Move aside skinny Lattes.

In 2016 we saw the Superfood Latte trend boom. Everything from a Matcha Latte to an Almond mylk Beetroot Latte with spiced vanilla. However, hold on because 2017 will see this trend get even more excessive and exciting.
Get set for the fabulous fungi version – meet Chaga, a medicinal mushroom that is hitting the health market by storm.
I love this trend because, not only are they making drinking Chaga actually delicious, but the health properties that the Mushrooms bring are extensive.
Mushrooms possess anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, boost the immune system, provide protein, and contain beneficial antioxidants.
They are also considered to be adaptogens, so they naturally help the body adapt to stress and hormone fluctuf6941a78e2c4a9b2d13162c81950cd32-500ation.


What more could we want?! Buy your Chaga right here





For most of us, Collagen is a word that is recognised but not really understood (rather like with Gluten). So, first things first, what i s it? Collagen is the protein responsible for forming the connective tissue for bones, muscles and blood cells. It is also essential when it comes to your skin’s condition and preventative ageing. As you age, your body’s ability to produce Collagen declines, explaining why need collagen as a vital component in our diet to keep our internal, and external body in good condition. I predict an influx in Collagen products over 2017 as more and more people catch on to the beneficial effects of the super Protein that Collagen is.

I personally love this Collagen drink that was introduced to me through a friend. It is the most readily absorbable on the market, contains no nasties, tastes delicious and can be consumed as a shot, in a smoothie, cocktail or however you prefer! Check out their range here : Liquid Biocell


Bespoke Plans




Over the past couple of years we have seen a rise in the use of Artificial Intelligence within the Health industry. DNA profiling has been made accessible to the general public and with these resources have come a rise in diet awareness, individualised lifestyle plans and preventative measures in medicine with disease.
Over 2017 we are going to see this trend with personalised plans progress even further. Coming VERY soon, UK & US based company VITL are launching a new service and app called VITL Beta. This clever app uses AI to assess a digitalised Health Assessment and provide the user not only with a bespoke nutritional plan and the ability to track your progress, but a monthly pack of vitamins, personally formulated for you. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited.


Find out more about VITL, and receive an exclusive offer through the link below:


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  1. I really like plant-based protein. It make me feel fuller after a meal without the guilt. People are more health conscious these days, so health and fitness are good priority this year.

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