Everyone’s going to be talking about Cacti

Everyone’s going to be talking about CACTI

We all know that sometimes the best things can be the hardest ones to get our hands on, or into.

Think Oysters, Pomegranate seeds, Coconut water and toys at Christmas.


With Superfood plant pulp and tonics, we’ve had Aloe Vera, Coconut H20 and more recently Birch water.
It looks like the mighty Cactus may just come and overpower all its predecessors.

Who knew that inside our prickly friends is quite literally a spa of beneficial minerals, vitamins and Antioxidants that your Mind and Body will love.

Not only does the deceivingly loving plant house bountiful amounts of Pectin; a soluble fibre that helps fat digestion, reduces cholesterol and prevents diabetes, but it also contains Vitamin C. A, Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium in Abundanceopuntia_ovata_2

The electrolytes, high water content and other goodies consumed here assist with bodily reactions such as nerve functioning, water control and muscle contractions. As well as the physical benefits we can reap from this, our brain chemistry, hormone regulation, mood, mental clarity and functioning gets assisted too!

A focus, concentration, hangover cure and memory prescription in one.


There are many species of edible Cacti and each tastes differently. One of the most famous and well-loved comes from the Opuntia Species, otherwise known as The Prickly Pear Cactus. Their leaves and fruit are very flavoursome and are a staple of many dishes in Central America and the southwestern US.The one thing to bare in mind is the taste. Like with Aloe Vera and Coconut Water, it could take some getting used to (at first). However, if it doesn’t quite tickle your taste buds on its own then there’s always the option to whizz it into a smoothie, chop it into a salad, make a jam or juice it.

Just remember to remove the spikes first.

If all this is too much hassle then you can always buy it in supplement from your local Wholefood’s store.5q3a0797

True Nopal can be bought in most health food stores and online at http://truenopal.com

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