Episode 8: The First Date, & Elvis

About Kyle 



So, we’re all gearing up for the wonders of Kyle to begin to unravel. So far we know that he has a little girl back home who was conceived in Soho Square, which I can’t say I’m impressed about! Guys don’t get any ideas from this!

Saying that, he seems to have progressed on the date front. Kyle’s attempts to romance Sierra on their fishing date weren’t too bad!

We’ve also learnt that he used to be homeless and earned money as a street performer after moving to London. If this wasn’t hard enough, he did it to start a life with a girl who ended up running off with a wealthy South African Doctor. With all that Kyle has been through it seems that he’s done pretty well to end up so diligent at work with good life goals. So far, GO Kyle. From peek previews it seems there’s ALOT more to come out about our English Deckhand though, so keep your eyes peeled!

Sadly, the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS occurrence of Kyle doing a dance routine for Sierra, then falling off a table didn’t quite make it on to our screens. I can tell you that it was a highlight though and shown in the first ever preview, so maybe go back and have a peek ;).

Guest parties and Elvis

We all know that Kate is the themed party Queen! The guests love them, and so do I…. haha. It makes their experience on board a lot more memorable and the guests wil
l often want us to join in and have a dance. We got a sneak peek of Kyle’s dancing talents over this episode, and it’s only the start.

First Dates

Okay, firstly I will point out that I know Kelley should have been notified, and looking back at the episode I should have told him! Naively, I thought that Ben would have, or that he would have caught wind elsewhere, especially as I had told Lauren and Nico …. who loved Lauren’s “You cheeky little sod” response?! Too funny. I was rather excited but nervous for our first date (who isn’t ever slightly nervous?!)

What I wore:

A slightly skimpy long sleeved black body con dress from Topshop and a pair of wedges with some statement earrings from a trendy
boutique in Tortola.

Where we went:

We wondered over to The Dove Restaurant (click here for link) and had a very enjoyable meal, champagne (of course, this is a date with Ben) & cocktails.

My favourite part of the date:

Having some alone time with Ben and getting to know him better one on one. It wasn’t awkward whatsoever, and very interesting. Ben is not only clever but extremely funny and witty, as we can all gage. We popped into the kitchen at “The Dove” and met all the chefs, then took a diverted walk on the way back to the boat.

Hardest part of the night:

It was very odd being followed by cameras on our walk home.  I was most definitely not ready to kiss Ben with the cameras. I’ll give him this though, at least he asked me very nicely and didn’t dive in.

Funny fact:

Ben told me that he’d never kissed a girl on camera before! I hadn’t gained insight about his notorious charming ways with women yet. Little did I know that this most definitely wasn’t the case. Isn’t he naughty?! ;).


Shenanigans onboard with the Deck Crew

Okay, well Yachties are known for “working hard but playing harder”, however partying onboard is very much frowned upon. Kate, as the Chief Stewardess had every right to be upset. Saying this, no harm was done and we have a very hard working deck team. I personally thought that it was quite good to see Kelley loosen up a bit after being so consistently strict on himself having stepped up to Bosun position, don’t you agree? I’m sure that there may be a couple of other “naughty nights” left to come too, who saw the sneaky peek of Ben with his shirt around his waist?


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