Clarity of the mind

Time to focus on habits that aid clear thinking

Clarity of mind is an incredibly powerful life asset and with practice, it can become an everyday tool.  The key is to work at developing everyday good habits to help silence mental clutter and, hey presto, clarity of mind will soon become second nature.

What is mental clarity?

To us it means to be present in the moment and self-aware without feeling overwhelmed 

There are plenty of ways that you can get rid of this brain fog from simple things; daily diary, meditation and more complex things such as checking you’re getting the right vitamins especially vitamin B. 

So we at Scentered put together 5 simple steps 

you can take to clear your mind on the go


Have some separation from the problem and get some endorphins to naturally boost your mood.


Create a simple list and to note down ideas and take away the worry of remembering everything. 


Find your centre. 

There is no one way to Meditate, find the way you best connect to yourself  and start using this tool daily.


Listen to yourself for a second.

Put your phone on silent and set a vibrating timer.

It’s ME time.


Don’t forget to breath, sometimes taking a step back and giving yourself a moment is all you need to  be back on top.


Scentered’s 100% natural aromatherapy Focus balm is a handy aid to train the brain to give up unconscious behaviour and adopt new conscious habits.

The fragrance reinforces the habit of the ritual to achieve mindfulness through the sensory system, whilst the physical presence of the balm acts as a reminder to practice the ritual.

Use Focus regularly to maximise the benefits of the essential oil ingredients, memory-boosting Rosemary, cognitive task sharpening Peppermint and clarifying Clary Sage, will all help to relieve mental fatigue, promote concentration and clarity of thought. Rosemary is the star of the show – the Ancient Greeks even went as far as wearing Rosemary garlands when they took their exams.

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