Top 6 Tips for Winter Wellbeing!

It’s the holiday period. Joyous, exciting, indulgent & very stressful.

Also, don’t you find that everyone seems to get ill?! Regardless of whether you’re living in sub degree temperatures or in the glorious sun, you find that the cocktails, money expenditure, abundance of food and busy schedule leave you overtired, under the weather and sluggish as you slip out of your healthy habits.
Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your health over the holidays so you can really have the best time possible and feel fabulous!

1. Socialise

You may be busy, trying to stay healthy and not wanting to spend money but don’t restrict yourself too much! It is the festive season and you’ll find that everyone is in good spirits regardless. Make sure you feed yourself with some festive energy and catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while; they will appreciate your time and you’ll feel positive about it!

2. Hangover healing with Lemon-Aid

Its christmas, you will inevitably wake up the morning after (more than once), feelindetox_sg manky. Instead of opting for a Sugary soda to cure those pangs for sugar and li
quid, get prepped and stock up on a relatively new trend of a Lemon-aid. Drunk the next morning, this delightful thirst quencher is beaming with electrolytes and detoxifying properties.
I personally love an Activated Charcoal Lemon-aid. Not only will this rehydrte and cleanse you more efficiently thanks to the lemon, but you also get a natural sugar kick and the charcoal is ultra detoxifying. Be sure to drink a lot of your standard H2O when consuming the charcoal though to maintain hydration. You’ll feel a million times more sprightly after one of these, I promise!

In the states…Dirty Lemon black_lemonade_square2Beverages do some fabulous options!

Or if you’re in London try out one from Daily Dose!


3. Eat right on the night.

When you’re out on the run up to Xmas you’re likely to be drinking and taking advantage of canapés and comfort food. Hard as it may be, try and stick to your healthy eating habits on the lead up to the deserved Christmas feasting. Not only will eating proper balanced meals before drinking help your body cope with the alcohol you do consume but you’ll be less inclined to snack on the things you wouldn’t usually eat. Also, if you stick to a healthy diet (remember your veg) you’ll feel a lot better about yourself & be more capable of fighting off any winter bugs going around.

4. Make your festive food fighting.

Lots of Festive food options can be fabulous for your immune system & healthier alternatives can easily be made so that you’re left feeling great about yourself and on good form.
Stock up on some Christmas immune boosting foods, like :

Oysters – high in selenium for your infection fighsmoked-salmon_406x250ting white blood cells

Smoked salmon – omega 3’s which are anti inflammatory

Turkey stock – Bone broth is taking the health market by storm, and what better way to consume it than from the turkey you roasted for your Christmas lunch. The cysteine released from the bird through cooking has the same effect as anti inflammatory drugs & is incredibly immune boosting.

Sweet Potatoes – This Vitamin A low GI potato option is a fabulous, yummy option over or along with the trusty roasted spud. Mash, roast, toast … It’s pretty much delicious however you cook it!

Yogurt – probiotic natural or coconut yogurt is a fabulous source of good bacteria and a great alternative over creme fraiche cream or ice cream when having a dessert or snack.

Brocolli – make Brocolli one of your go to veg options. It’s a cruciferous veg, meaning it’s a great detoxifier :). It also goes famously with garlic for an extra special immune booster!

There’s a difference between Cocoa and Cacao and we all love chocolate. Cocoa is heated so high that all the good properties of the cacao are removed. It also usually has milk and sugar added to it. Cacao contains less fat and tastes a little more bitter but can be evret-00050en more delicious than your standard cocoa. It also holds all the aphrodisiacs and superfoods qualities that we love!

Find yourself some yummy superfood cacao as a delicious treat. If you’re a fan of cinnamon, have some sprinkled in your mylky hot choccy to make it antiviral, anti inflammatory & even more delicious. Using a Mylk like almond or coconut helps makes it a lot more digestible and healthier than a cows milk.
I love these ones by Zenbunni! :

Caviar – a fabulous source of vitamin B12 and magnesium amongst other minerals, caviar is a fabulous mood booster and anti inflammatory food. Eat up! Did you know that back in the day it was used to treat depression!

Port, sherry & brandy – fortified wines and brandy, like red wine have lots of health benefits! Yippee. High in flavonoids, resveratrol and antioxidants, when drunk in moderation these Christmassy drinks can have a positive effect on your health. They can also be made into great hot cocktails! 🙂


5. Sleep tight!

It’s so important to get a good nights sleep to keep you on top form. Your mood will be better, your mind will work more efficiently and your immune system will be stronger, among a host of other things! Sleep tight on these festive winter nights :).

6. Exercise

Most of us will find it hard to fit in working out over the busy period. This usually leaves you feeling low with a lack of energy and motivation. If you’re too busy to commit to your usual schedule just fit in some stretching, Christmas walks and the odd run if you can.Try and grab yourself a festive fitness friend  to work out with you if you can! 🙂

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