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Emily Warburton-Adams is the Co-Founder of POW Food and the vision behind English Ems. Originally from London, Emily loves travelling, fitness, being creative and greatly values family and friend time when she's not working.

What is POW Food?

POW Food is London's No 1 Wellness Food Company offering delicious, nutritionally designed food for the corporate workplace. With sustainability, responsible sourcing and nutrition at it's core, POW Food has a #ZeroToxin policy and eliminate packaging wherever possible. Running #AMealForAMeal scheme with City Harvest, every meal bought through POW funds a homeless person to eat a nourishing meal.

Who is English Ems?

English Ems came about after Emily took part in Below Deck, a US Bravo TV show in 2014. Qualifying as an IIN Health Coach and MQ Mental Health Ambassador, Emily began to use her platforms to share positive messages, speak about Mind Health, conscious living and align with brands that she believes make a positive difference.

Learning to live more sustainably and be conscious in today's world can be a a minefield, so through Emily's little corner of the internet she sets out to help make it a little easier. Sharing and writing in a light, realistic way she speaks from experience and personal interest.

Emily believes that that incrementalism is key and that we can all make conscious, little and achievable changes that contribute to the larger picture and protect our planet.

All the companies and organisations that Emily supports are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals or are ones that she personally uses, loves and believes deserve to have their story shared.

Thank you for all of your support!



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