A Must Visit: Villa Crespi!

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It may have been a gloomy and rather wet afternoon in May but the arrival at Villa Crespi was a beautiful welcome that lifted my mood after a somewhat challenging trip from London. (I had missed my flight).

A Hidden Gem 

I was immediately in awe of my surroundings as we neared the driveway of the 19th C hotel that stood on a hill overlooking Lake Orta. Featuring beautiful Arabesque architecture, stunning gardens and an elegant tower, it truthfully is a real-life fairytale palace.

On arrival I was escorted into their chic guest lounge that was a far cry from their delectably ornate entrance; but as special in its own way. Showcasing a mirrored wall of alcohol, swish furniture and an old record player, I opted to sit on a rich purple sofa, it was velvet and one of those ones that you easily sink into – almost criminally comfortable. While flicking through one of their huge hard backed books on Luxury Travel I was offered a selection of loose leaf teas by a charming Italian waiter (absorbed by his accent, I didn’t actually hear a word that he said, so I opted for a simple green variety).

When ready I was shown around the hotel and to my room, which was nothing less than a suite, so I’ll call it that. Everywhere I looked there were eclectic, stylish artifacts and features that demonstrated the work of a well travelled architect. Obviously, the suite itself was stunning, and they’d lovingly gifted me with a silver basket of fruit, a petit-four selection and some bubbles – a girls gotta live.  I decided that my favourite part was the gold and white marbled bathroom with its rain shower and Clarins toiletries. I should probably also add that the room had all the modern tech items that you could want, including a good wifi connection so I could post on Instagram – phew.

The Little Perks 

When I had settled into my room, eaten some strawberries and changed into the big fluffy bathrobe and slippers that you’re always tempted to take at the end of a stay, I was escorted up to the small but quaintly beautiful Spa area. The spa facilities are simple but the treatments are special. My therapist was a lovely young lady called Denise and she took me through the bespoke, handmade Ayurvedic oils that she was going to use for my massage. Engaging with me personally to find out my preferences and what I needed, there’s no doubt that I was made to feel special.

Sadly their 2 Michelin star restaurant was fully booked for dinner but I got recommended some restaurants a near 15 minute walk away in a very cute medieval town. I wasn’t disappointed by a gorgeous restaurant I found by the lake’s edge, fulfilling major #dinnerviewgoals. I’m not a pizza eater but I enjoyed a beautiful alternative classic of a Squid Ink risotto and a glass of wine with my guest, who provided great company.

Surrounded by 8 big soft pillows, a fluffy duvet and the thought of waking to a buffet breakfast with the views of Lake Orta, I slept very well.

On leaving the only thing I could have wished was that my stay was longer, and that the sun decided to come out. However, I can hope for this on my next visit as I would go back in a heartbeat; just perhaps in the summer next time.

Click through to Villa Crespi Here and experience a mini fairytale stay now! 😉

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