Why I’m Getting My Genes Tested

Why it’s time to get my genes tested

As those of you who have followed me for a while will know (whether that be from the show, my social media or this blog), I’ve always explored ways and spoken about how to approach and tackle life’s challenges. I’m an advocate for self-care, being open about your mental health and living life to the fullest. As part of this I partner with and promote brands, products and services that I believe in and that help me. It helps me document my journey to being more conscious and sustainable while raising awareness and enabling you to try them too!

My day to day life and work is especially focused on nutrition with POW Food, the company I co-founded with my mother. POW Food delivers meals to Londoners at home and work that have been designed by nutritionists and created by chefs. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, the food is formulated to boost productivity and immunity; helping you feel well, think well and live well.

When I first met the Chronomics team I was fascinated by their work with genetics and epigenetic testing. Where I once thought that our genes were somewhat fixed from birth and we had little control over changing them, I began to see that there was a lot more to it. The impact that lifestyle components have on our epigenome throughout our lifespan is significant.

I became more aware that the likes of our diet, exercise and environment played an active role with our genes and thus, that we could take more control over their behaviour and our predispositions. Knowledge is key.

Speaking further with the team and co-founder, Charles, the more I saw an alignment of interests and the places that epigenetic testing would go in its development. I was incredibly excited when they suggested that I used the Chronomics service for myself and that we work together over the course of a year to see exactly what was happening with my genes, how they were affected and what I could do about it.

Regardless, there are of course some fears surrounding the information, but it’s reassuring knowing that through Chronomics I have access to the data and resources needed to influence necessary changes with my genes for the future, whether that be altering the type of exercises I do, sleeping at a different time or shifting around my diet.

Chronomics are pioneers in their field and, from what I’ve read and understand, personalised healthcare is the next big frontier. I’ve always searched for an advanced understanding of how our bodies work and getting more tools for better living is part of that process. 

I’m at the beginning of my journey with Chronomics and epigenetic / genome testing has only just started to gain momentum as an option for the public and home use. Although I’m young and 24, making pro-active steps and taking charge of my own healthcare feels like a good way forward. I’ve always known that a ‘one size fit’s all’ approach was no use to me when it came to diet, mental health and exercise. We are all different with unique responses, preferences and I believe that the more I understand my own body the better my chances are of living a healthier life. Understanding my genes and what I can do is part of that approach. 

I will be sharing the results of my own tests soon (a slightly daunting thought) and coming up with a plan to make some little, achievable lifestyle changes in response…. I’ll keep you all updated! 

If you want to find out more about Chronomics and the subscription service they run please check out their website 

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