Vitality in 10 days!

Spring Wellbeing Revival!

I’m very excited to be collaborating with VITL and Urban Massage for a Spring wellbeing Revival!
Always travelling, constantly jet lagged and very busy, there’s no denying that my energy and immunity is depleted, my mood is up and down, I am anxious, suffering from stress and my body is not in the condition that I would like it to be in.

I try desperately to stick to a routine no matter my schedule, but there’s no getting away from how much travelling and a busy lifestyle can get in the way.

So – over the next 10 days I’m abiding by a healthy routine that I’ve deviated from. In an ideal world, I would love this routine to become a lifestyle as much as I can.

I would love you to try it out with me & be influenced in one way or another – because we’re all individuals here and what works for me isn’t generic!


Here’s what I will be doing, documenting and sharing with you!

  • I’ve signed up to the new VITL app and been prescribed my very own Vitamins! I will be taking these everyday, without fail. (I’m not good at sticking to taking tablets, but VITL make it so easy it would be embarrassing if I forgot!)


  • I will be having 2 massages over the 10 day period. I love massages, and being a runner and champion long haul flyer I should really be having more of them! Urban Massage have made it uber convenient for me as with their service, the therapist comes to your home! Yippee.


  • Working out everyday! Whether that be a run, class or yoga (which can be relaxing as you want). I try and workout a lot anyway, but I’m going to be even more committed.


  • I will be following a Wheat, Dairy and Sugar free diet with NO caffeine. Some of my meals will be delivered by the London catering company, “Ravenous Nutritionally Designed”.
    I am naturally a very healthy eater but I never used to drink coffee and I feel that it’s thrown my body out of whack. I would also love to limit sugar in my diet a lot more and have been meaning to try going Sugar Free to see how easy it is, so what a fab opportunity!



I will be documenting the next 10 days over my @my_pow_ Instagram story and page for everyone to follow, as well as doing a Blog and Vlog that I will complete and post after the 10 day period!


And i’ll be starting tomorrow, after my 23rd Birthday Party tonight, I hope I won’t be hurting too much!! ….

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