Situated closely behind London’s Oxford Circus is the renowned Energy Healing centre, Jung Shim (which translates to “beautiful mind” in English.
Developed by Master Oh, a leading Qi teacher and energy healer with over 30 years experience in his field, the centre focuses on helping humans harness their energy through classes, coaching, treatments and workshops.

Having a keen interest in energy work through my own spiritual journey but knowing very little about this form of healing, I took it upon myself to visit the centre and have a session with the main man himself and am excited to share the experience with you.

Arriving at their address, I get buzzed in and climb two flights of stairs before entering a sheer white reception area. Greeted warmly by a receptionist who hands me a glass of water, I sit down to complete a form that requires me to rate different elements of my life pillars and then answer questions about my mind & body wellbeing, intentions and struggles.

Having been told that meeting Master Oh would be “different and special”, I didn’t quite know what to expect but I was extremely intrigued.
Walking into his treatment room, I’m gestured to take a seat in one of the arm chairs while he looks swiftly over my form.

Of Korean descent, the 50-something year old master goes on to confidently tell me that he doesn’t see humans in physical form, but rather in light and colour, from our energy centres (Chakras) and other energy lines.

We discuss his work and theory for a short while and I take away some key points

– We, being the general folk, spend energy the whole time – Mentally, Physically and Emotionally but we don’t manage to recharge ourselves properly.

– Elements like sleep, drinking and nutrition are all types of fuel rather than the “battery” itself. The right elements help keep your “battery” running but it is never fully effective or recharged with these elements alone.

– Blockages in and around the heart and sacral chakras mean that we think and feel with less clarity, leaving much of our decision making and life path up to our mind with the inability to feel our “gut instinct” and intuition.

– People’s emotional and physical problems stem from 3 main causes:

1. Shortage of energy
2. Energy blockages
3. Imbalanced energy

– Many conditions, from cancer to eating disorders, physical and mental illnesses can be helped, or cured effectively through these energy healing sessions.

– Clearing energy blockages and rebalancing helps you to identify and feel a more grounded sense of self.

– When our Qi is low or blocked we can feel anxious, depressed, in pain, irritable and fatigued.

Personally, I was quite enraptured by the theory Master Oh spoke of and was ready to experience the practical part of the session, which involved a fully clothed acupressure and sound healing.

Tapping specific body points while breathing heavily, Master Oh warned me that there would be occasional deep coughing when he reached certain blockages.
After around 15/20 minutes the session ended and I was hastily told that my heart chakra had a (rather high) percentage blockage and had been like this since birth.
Apparently, he had worked on clearing part of it but it would take a few sessions.

I would like to flag that the experience was something I didn’t immediately feel comfortable with but managed to settle into. I didn’t initially know how to respond to the coughing fits and had to hold myself back from bursting into laughter on a couple of occasions.

One to analyse and overthink things intently, I racked my brain from the moment I left about what my heart chakra being so blocked could mean, how it may have effected me and if it influenced who I was as a person.
However, after some processing I was able to put the information in context and take it for what it was. I certainly believe that you can work towards healing yourself and that we should try and not be influenced by the many things we can be told on our life path. It’s our own journey and if we allow ourselves to listen to everything we wouldn’t know which way to turn!

The next morning I woke with tender spots and slight bruising around the points that had been tapped (from recollection, very lightly). This surprised and satisfied me, especially as I am not one to bruise easily.

On reflection the Healing is definitely something that I would try again, if only to see if there was a noticeable change after the suggested weekly appointments. Perhaps when I can afford the £80 price tag it comes with.
A definite experience, I would advise anyone who hasn’t had this type of treatment before to book yourself in for a session.

Who knows what could happen!?

What is Qi?

Qi is the inborn energy that creates and supports life. Master oh references it to be like the battery of a car. Like a car receives the battery at the moment it is made, we receive our Qi at the moment of conception, and this energy has to last us our life time.

More about Master Oh and his treatments

Master Oh was born in South Korea and from an early age experienced chronic health problems, with much of his childhood being spent in and out of hospitals. This experience shaped his views on life and how to live free from pain and anxiety.

As a University student he encountered a unique healing method that changed his life. By learning how to harness the power of “human energy” – Qi – he began to feel a deep sense of peace, enabling his body to heal.

Master Oh treatments help to replenish our Qi and so recharge our battery, whilst opening energy blockages and detoxifying the body. When we have enough Qi and a good circulation of energy we feel healthy, happy and energised.

” Our original nature is clear, bright and beautiful

and our original state is healthy and happy”

Master Oh

All human beings have an original mind that connects them to their essence, which we can call the spirit. When we connect to our original mind we are full of gratitude, love, kindness, respect, compassion for ourselves and others. 

The other mind we have is more connected to the body and our physical needs. We call this mind the ego or human mind. Anger, anxiety, fear, depression, loneliness etc. are all coming from the ego and a disconnection from our original mind. This disconnection happens when our energy is blocked or we don’t have enough energy. Although we need the ego to function as human beings we also need to learn how to connect back without original mind.

By transmitting Qi, Master Oh aims to help people recuperate their health and vitality and reconnect with their essence (the original mind) in order to practice more love, kindness, generosity and compassion and be a true human in the world again.

(For more info on Qi visit: http://www.masteroh.com/what-qi )