A couple of weeks ago I attended my first ever Barre / Total body class and I absolutely loved it! The class was run by Personal trainer, fitness instructor and lifestyle coach, Chiara Pellegrino in alignment with the new veggie crisp snacks, “Off the Eaten Path” and Chiara shared her ethos around wanting to promote exercise for everyone of any age with us. I loved her points and wanted to share them with you! I also did my bit and made the room a little brighter in my bright sunset workout kit – haha!


Off the eaten path


Chiara believes that no matter what age or fitness level you are, there are exercises, which you might not have thought of, but will truly enjoy.

Whether that’s grabbing a friend or signing up solo, there is a new trend for the over 50s to be more adventurous than they were in their 20s, with an overwhelming sense of having a ‘second wind’. Chiara has seen exercises such as Barre ballet classes, trampoline classes and boxercise sessions are growing in popularity amongst woman whose children have now left home as they are now looking for something new and exciting to do.

Off he eaten path


Chiara’s Top Tips for Adventuring into a New Fitness Routine:

1. Pick an activity you enjoy.

If you do not like the exercise you are doing, it is hard to keep it up. Think about the activities you enjoy the most, like walking, exercising with a video, dancing, biking, or taking a class. If you are already active, think about what types of activity sounds fun to experience. Kayaking or rock climbing … It’s time to let your adventurous self-come out!

3. Start slowly

If you have never been active and you want to start with 1 hour a day every day – It’s unlikely that will work and you will burn out very quickly.

Start with 30 minutes of exercise per day, 2/3 days a week. Make sure you warm up and cool down properly every time to avoid injuries that could lead you off track. Add a daily 15-minute walk during your lunch break or after dinner.


Try a new activity each day, even things that you never considered you would be good at, like dancing or gardening to find out what you enjoy most. There are more and more fitness boutiques opening in London with new and fun class formats. Get adventurous and explore different things each week.

3. Make it social

You can make your fitness schedule an excuse to be more social! Involve your friends in physical activity to have fun, spend quality time together, and stay on track.

Meet a friend for workouts or to book together such as a charity walk or jog, that you need training for. Join a class or sports club where people count on you to show up.

4. Reward yourself

Set goals for yourself on a regular basis and reward yourself for hitting them! Think of rewards that may motivate you to do even more, like taking a relaxing hot bath or shower, enjoying a snack such as Off The Eaten Path, joining a new exercise class or getting yourself new active wear. Or just having tasty snacks to hand every time to refuel after your workout.

Off The Eaten Path are a range of new and delicious snacks made with real vegetables. Created for free spirits and adventurers alike, Off The Eaten Path is for those who prefer to discover the path less travelled. It’s ideal to tuck away as a tasty snack in your bag while out on an afternoon stroll or to refuel after a fitness class.