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The Capital of the French Riviera, it’s the 5th most populated City in France and offers pretty much anything that you could be looking for, whether that be a good restaurant, a castle, an English cinema, shopping centre or beach.

Where to eat? Where to start!? You can find anything you’re wanting here in terms of food. I’ve handpicked some easy restaurants of various cuisine.


Café de la Place

One of my favourite Italian eats along the French Riviera, I like it for its central square location where you can really watch the world go by. It has a varied menu and is good for brunch as well as lunch. I like their use of Saffron in lots of the dishes.

Healthy Le Speakeasy

Quirky décor, cosy and hidden away in Nice. This restaurant is open Saturday lunches but closes for dinner and offers interesting, tasty Vegan food and is run by a Californian lady.

Nice life International

Behind the Port in Nice you can find this gem of a find! I used at love coming here, it was like a home away from home, haha. They do lovely fresh juices, homemade raw chocolate, deserts and an alternating main menu. It is cosy and quiet; not many people know about it so it’s a good hideaway.


Planet sushi is like the French Yo Sushi but slightly better quality. I like their conveyor belt mechanism and very alternative sushi options! They like to go a bit against the grain, offering desert sushi too, if you’re up for trying something new. It’s located in between the old town and the main shopping area and open late.

Mezze: Mama Delices, 10 Rue Massenet

Good portion sizes, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. Sometimes salad, pita and fresh hummus is all you need.

Seafood: Le Café de Turin, Place Garibaldi

Oysters, lobster, prawns and champage, in a sunny square in the centre of Nice. Whats not to love?

Froyo: Boon!, Old Town

I was so happy when I found this Frozen yogurt shop! My first job happened to be in a Frozen yogurt bar on the Portobello Road in London and I love froyo. It is open late so it’s a good go to after a night out and they have some good topping options.

Thai: Le Banthai, 29 Rue Droite

Maybe one of the best Thai restaurants in Nice. The food is authentic and the staff are friendly. If you like spicy you’ll love it here.

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