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Known for the Grand Prix and the big boat shows, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world! It’s along the coast from Nice towards Italy and is a very popular place to visit with its History, sites and large port.

What to do?

Princes Palace of Monaco

A beautiful palace reached by walking up a hill, at the top the surrounding views are beautiful and if you go at noon time then you can catch the change of guards.

Casino Square

A Monaeasque landmark, the square outside the main casino if often decorated nicely or has something being showcased to look around. While you’re here it’s worth having a drink at the Café de Paris.


Obviously when you’re here on a boat you start looking for things to do aside from tourist attractions and nice runs. I was in Monaco for a few months and it’s fun to get a group together for a bowling game with some drinks.

Marche de la condamine

Right by Grimaldi square, this market is undercover and home to lots of fresh produce stands and little shops. It’s a permanent market and my favourite spot is the juice bar! They’re harder to come by in the med so I get very excited every time I see one.


Situated dramatically on the edge of a cliff this world-renowned aquarium and museum may be a sightseeing outing, but a very interesting one. It was founded by Prince Albert and has a lovely café roof terrace where you can enjoy a drink afterwards.

Hair and Beauty

Monaco is very good when it comes to hair and beauty salons, I have rarely had a bad experience here and I have tried lots of places. Most salons speak English, especially if you make a little effort saying hello and attempting some French! I found that beauty salons are a good place to practice French lingo if you’re trying to learn anyway, we all know they are where you naturally engage in small chit chat.

Eric Zemour

Eric Zemour

A good “high chain” hairdressing salon close to the Casino Square. You will find it hard to find somewhere for a fabulous price in Monaco so they may seem expensive but it’s the norm and you know that you will leave with happy.

Eric Stipa Monaco

Eric Stipa Monaco

They don’t have a website but they are situated to the right of the station by the lower exit, close to Camper and Nicholson Yacht agency. They are a popular yacht crew salon and I have to say that I have had the best treatments all round here!


It’s always handy knowing of places that you can go for a fitness class if you don’t feel like going on a run or working out onboard. I have also met quite a few new people attending classes around the ports that I have been berthed in over the years.

Yoga : Sunshine Yoga Monte-Carlo

Yoga classes in English with reasonable post-work class times for yacht crew and weekend sessions. They also offer zumba classes in Cap d’ail. They charge €25 for a single class or you can purchase package deals which are worthwhile.

Cross Fit : Cross Fit Cap-Martin

Coming Soon: Offering high intensity training for those who want to achieve a balance of strength, power and speed. Classes are varied, offering early morning and later options. You can purchase package deals and trial classes.

Pilates : Pilates Studio of Monte Carlo

Offering classes in French and English this pilates studio run by Angela Rankin offers one-on-one, duo or trio classes so that you really get the assistance and results with each session.

Gym : Monte Carlo Gym

This gym isn’t too big but if offers one off attendance slots which works well for yacht crew.

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