Firstly, what is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the rate at which chemical processes occur in our bodies. This means how quickly and efficiently we break down what we consume for energy, for growth, thinking and everything else.

If our metabolism is unnaturally low we can suffer from symptoms like having a
difficulty losing weight to tiredness, coldness and even inflexibility.

What’s fabulous is that we have a certain amount of control over how fast and efficient our metabolic rates can be!
The fundamental message is that our metabolic rate is influenced by hormone balance – so it’s a priority to keep our hormones balanced!


While the formula for achieving this can be highly individual and complicated, there are some definite general factors that can apply to us all, and I’m going to let you in on some fabulous habits that we can ALL take onboard to help balance our hormones, boost our metabolism and help us lose weight and increase our energy… Listen up.



Drinking enough water is vital when it comes to boosting your metabolism! There are studies that show drinking 2 litres of water a day can increase your metabolism by 30%….
Why? Water is needed for Hydrolysis, liver cleansing and body temperature regulation which are all essential elements to an efficient metabolism.
Adding lemon and a little himalayan salt to your water makes it even better – not only does it make it easier to drink (well, a lot of people find), but it also increases the alkalising, cleansing and inflammatory properties of the water which is fabulous for hormone balance.

Plus – when we drink more you may find that you’re hungry less, so you’ll eat less and convert what you do eat into more worthwhile energy rather than storing it… yippee.


We’ve probably all heard that eating little but often is the way to go, and it’s true.IMG_6552


Why? Well, it keeps our all important blood sugar levels stable. This means that our cells have a constant supply of energy and a faster metabolism is maintained. We want to avoid going into starvation mode for short periods of time.
Be careful though, we want to eat within 3 hour periods, but eat wisely. Choose healthy, easy to digest, balanced food options that you love.



3) LOVE OMEGA 3 FOODS – and go organic

Okay, so we all hear about Omega rich foods but we want to opt for Omega 3 foods which are anti-inflammatory, over Omega 6 foods which are pro inflammatory. Omega 3 foods are also known to increase some fabulous fat burning enzymes which helps boost your metabolism – yay.

Chia Seeds
Flax Seeds
White Fish


Why Organic? The pesticides, hormones and antibiotics used on non-organic food can weaken your immune system and thus decrease your metabolism.



Exercise builds muscle and burns fat if done correctly. Muscle is more dense than fat so it uses more energy and thus boosts your metabolism. It also does wonders for your hormone balance, mood and energy. Overall it’s just a fabulous move to make! Wherever and however you start – READY, SET, GO!




Nowadays so many of us are sleep deprived. Whether it be that we’re up on our phones too late, working too much, travelling or socialising, lack of sleep has repeatedly shown to have a negative effect on our hormones and so slows down our metabolisms. This then sways us into the bad cycle of having a lack of energy, opting for the wrong foods, not wanting to exercise and then damaging our metabolism even more…. so get your zzzz time!