Topic : The Hive

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SUSTAINABLE & SMART shopping is now officially a movement, and apparently one that’s going global.

On a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I came across The Hive, a “No Waste” store near the famous Bangsar district, so I went to visit and get stuck in.

The establishment is situated through an understated door at the top of a staircase and really lends itself to anyone wanting to make conscious changes to their lifestyle and be more sustainable.

They offer workshops and talks on top of their broad selection of everyday life goods, foodie items, sanitary care and a refillary. A wonderful example of a forward thinking retail space that’s stripped things back to source and is making it easy (and accessible) for the everyday person to live in a smarter, more sustainable way, I think we may be seeing many places following suit.


Did you know that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century.

One way to help prevent this trajectory from continuing is to seek out alternatives to the everyday plastic products that you purchase. The little choices that you make are part of a movement that is collectively impactful.

Waste-Free living is daunting, most of us don’t know where to start or where to shop! Establishments such as The Hive are pioneering this space and starting to shop using the “refillary” choices is a great way to start your waste-free journey.

It can be incredibly surprising seeing what ingredients our beauty products contain. Skin is our largest organ, and one that absorbs a percentage of everything that we put on to it.Given this, it is so important to be aware of what is in our products and thus what is being absorbed by our bodies, which can be everything from toxins to BPA (a plastic chemical). To make easy changes, check the ingredients and ethical nature of your cosmetics and beauty products next time you need to buy new. This way you can gradually shift your purchasing habits :)…

With shops like The Hive springing up all over the world, have a little google for “Waste-Free” stores near you and venture over to have a little browse & buy!