Keeping your hair lusciously smooth, frizz free and tamed in normal day-to-day life is hard enough.

Then…throw in:

  • Salty Sea air
  • Hair dying
  • Hair straightening
  • Wearing it up all day
  • City pollution

My Hair TLC Tips:

1) Coconut Oil hair wrap

Lather your DRY hair in coconut oil and wrap it in a shower cap overnight. Do this 3 times a week for however long you need to for a natural moisture boost that also leaves your hair smelling lush. Your roomie or boyfriend will love the look! Haha. Try to buy a cold pressed one for maximum effect. I personally love Lucy Bee’s, or the Wholefoods & other independent health store brands are good too.

2) Argan Oil

If your hairs straight, or straightened I always find Argan oil to work a treat for frizz and protection. It provides a light moisture that won’t flatten your hair or make it look too greasy. Lots of brands are good but I always find myself resorting back to using Moroccan oil.www.sephora.com/100-percent-pure-argan-oil-P218700 www.moroccanoil.com/nl_nl/

3) Sun & Salt Water Protection

People often look over this but your hair needs protection from the sun and Sea too. My favourite products come from Bumble & Bumble, who do a sun protection polish and Surf Spray. You won’t feel like your hair is such a matted mess after being outside all day! www.sephora.com/surf-spray-P280513?skuId=1270776&icid2=products%20grid:p280513


4) TIGI Curls Rock

If your hair is curly then this is a MUST! I have tried every product under the sun and was won around when I got introduced to this product that defines curls beautifully, perfect when you’re exposed to windy weather and humidity, but handy whatever your situation.


5) Vitamins

Biotin, Vitamin A, B5 & E are all great healthy hair vitamins. They assist with cell regrowth & repair, strengthening hair follicles and keratin production. You can take these in a multivitamin specialised for hair growth, or Sugarbearhair make natural gluten free gummy sweets with all the required nutrients.