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Fed by Ravenous


Over 10 days I completed a Spring Revival cleanse (please see separate blog post).

I exercised everyday, I was VITL’d UP (receiving bespoke vitamins through VITL’s new app) and I had some intense massages courtesy of Urban Massage.

Missing was the optimum diet to accompany my health kick, so along with all of this I was fed by Ravenous, following a wheat, dairy and sugar free diet.

Who are Ravenous?

Ravenous are a Catering company who cater for events, photo shoots and private clients.

But WAIT, there’s more….
Ravenous have crept up on Londoners as a new talking point.
Feeding the elite of London, they have the likes of Kate Winslet, The Body Coach and David Simms on their fan page. Ravenous offer Nutritionally designed (&delicious) food options with innovative concepts, interesting takes on classics and superfood infused delights.

How did I feel after their food?

Being perfectly honest, amazing! I was buzzing and happy, which is a big thing for me to say about food that I didn’t prepare myself.

How tasty was the food?

I’m a very healthy eater anyway, which makes me critical of a lot of ‘healthy’ restaurants, bought and event food options. I know what good healthy food can taste like, how things don’t have to be covered in oil, over spicy or bland as hell which I come across a lot when you go to try food by companies offering “clean eating” options. Ravenous hit the nail on the head. I didn’t feel guilty after anything, I wasn’t left bloated, the food had a depth of taste and everything was unique. I loved it.

What was my favourite item?

Their Kale chips have to be the best ones I’ve ever had. They were dehydrated, not roasted and covered in a spicy, zesty activated yeast and cashew cheese which was to die for – but not too heavy like some ones you can buy in stores. I got the recipe…. I may share it sometime, shhh 😉

What was your goal with the food?

My goal wasn’t to lose weight, nor gain. I eat a lot, I love carbs (wholegrain and unrefined) and I was working out, so I wanted balanced healthy options to suit my lifestyle. I went sugar free, although I did allow myself natural fruit sugars, just less. I wanted to challenge myself with more of a routine and feel energised with what I ate, the vitamins I was taking and with the exercise I was doing – with no caffeine. The food by Ravenous made me feel fab, I experienced no horrible afternoon slumps, no bloating, which can feel and look like weight gain. I also felt like I could have cut a few things out to lose weight if I had wanted too, it wasn’t restrictive and I wasn’t left hungry which I HATE, so Tick Tick Tick.

Here’s some of what I got fed by Ravenous….. 



If I wasn’t having my standard oats which I love I tried…


Asparagus and poached egg with a GF, DF, SF Hollindaise (made from coconut oil and apple cider vinegar – incredible)


GF, DF, SF Banana cinnamon bread with coconut yogurt and pomegranate – YUM.




I was fed Raw Kale chips, activated nuts or cacao bliss balls… I also had some carrot or cucumber if I fancied something else.


Lunch & Dinner


Asian inspired Chicken Bone Broth with shredded chicken breast, veg and brown rice vermicelli…

Chard, zucchini and aubergine with spirulina hummus, baked falafel and chilli dressing.

 Rainbow slaw with brown rice avocado, flax crackers and brown rice (under ago).

Wilted spinach, vegetable chickpea cake with a sundried tomato paste, goats cheese, giant radish and hibiscus.

Steamed brown basmati rice with blanched greens and curried chickpeas withy spicy flax cracker.




Found out more about Ravenous on their website (Click here)  Have a peek at their instagram (click here).

The Superfoodie Ravenous chef



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