Proposals on MY Valor

Who else fell in love with this episode?! There was no doubting that it was Saint Valentine’s day on MY Valor!

Having Rachael & Steve onboard was one of my yachting highlights. Ive never been involved in a proposal before and it was such a fantastic experience. Thank goodness it went to plan…
It was very emotional, (probably even more so in reality). We were all there for the proposal and it was beautiful. Rachel’s reaction was priceless and Steve pulled it off perfectly.

There was music, crying, smiles, flowers, amazing food (obviously), and lots of romance

Roses are red but special ones are blue….



Well, firstly I must thank Kate, as well as Ben, for my first ever bunch of Valentine flowers!

I was SO happy, if you hadn’t quite noticed. I was also extremely shocked and very grateful.. And yes…I did press one of the roses as a keepsake, because I’m like that (haha). One of the best things of all, for everyone I think, was witnessing Ben placing the roses just before the charter guests walked on – how adorable?!


I was not surprised that Kate helped instigate the flower purchasing, playing a fabulous match maker! She also knows Ben a lot better than most of us. I loved watching the conversation between the two of them about Ben asking asking me out for supper. Was I ready , or expecting this invitation? Not in the slightest. I have to say that usually I give a man a waiting period while I sleep on an invite, but I couldn’t do that to Ben! Besides, I think that I may have been crazy not to accept such an invitation off the witty, handsome, fun and extremely charismatic chef that he is. He was also
very nervous, which made the whole thing so endearing!


Kyle & Sierra




Budding romance, fling or future friendship? It looks like Sierra rather likes Kyle’s rugged look, and he’s very amusing. I think that there are a few surprises in store with these two so we should wait and see what happens next.

One thing I’ve learnt from this episode :

I have to work on using words instead of an awkward laugh to demonstrate my feelings!! I don’t think that I was being entirely fair with Kelley, but I didn’t know how to play things out and I thought that he would organically find out that Ben had given me flowers!

Questions I’ve been asked:

Why did I opt in to go on the date with Ben?

Well, firstly he had the guts to ask me, to my face, directly and very sweetly! I was also very taken by the flower gesture (despite Kate perhaps having more of a role in this) – and I thought that we would have some good dinner conversation.  Do we? I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Are Ben and I together now?

We’re very close friends.

Where are my glasses from?

My glasses are by Versace and have a high prescription, i don’t have very good eye sight! haha.