Kyle dressed in drag



Albeit one of the most surprising charters that I have ever worked, what fun it was! Our dark horse Kyle pulled a Drag act out of the bag and performed with our charter guests, despite being knocked out by anti allergy drugs after a supposed reaction to some Uni in the Galley.


This was the first drag act that I had ever seen and I’ll be honest – I loved it. It was hilarious! Most importantly the guests loved it too! :).




I think that Ben’s British older brother needs a mention here. Aren’t they just two adorable peas in a pod! I loved gaining some insight into Ben’s family life. It’s always interesting meeting the family of the person you’re dating, don’t you think. It was a huge shame that Ben was in trouble and had to remain on the boat after some antics from the night before when James came. Was it deserved? I personally think that Ben should have been allowed some time off the boat with James but I suppose that Captain Lee wanted to keep all the punishments the same. Sierra, Kate and I actually went for drinks with James then, and as we saw James visited the boat for a couple of hours to say ‘goodbye’ to Ben. Ben and James are hilarious to spend time with. They are extremely close and have some fabulous stories to tell between them. James is not currently engaged in a relationship, for all who keep asking. He’s very into photography and runs an international business from Florida.


The Ben Effect

So it’s very clear that the relationship between Ben and I has been progressing over the past few episodes from when he bought me the Valentine flowers. We’ve had some lovely dates, got to know each other a little better and shared some on screen kisses. We all know that Ben is notorious for his womanising (well I learnt this a little later on – I had no idea at the time!) HAHA. Ben is a true romantic and seems to be successfully wooing me, for the time being. I’m shown to be getting a little distracted at work by the handsome, funny British Chef  – who’d have thought it. I can say that I didn’t let our relationship get in the way of work too much, I was very conscious of the risk and I did naturally feel caught up between Kate and Ben at times.



However, onto Ben and his gesture of the STUNNING birthday flowers. They were above and beyond anything that I was expecting. I loved my birthday onboard. I got made to feel so special by all the crew members :). There are still a few episodes to go so we’ll have to see where things go with Ben and I, I know that there’s still ALOT that takes place. It’s never completely smooth sailing, even on a Superyacht.


Nico’s Loss

We are all so deeply saddened by Nico’s recent loss of his younger brother. Our hearts have gone out to him and his family. We are doing all that we can to help them through this hard time. Below is the link to his Memorial fundraising page. Please take the time to click through and donate a little money towards the cause if you are able to. X