Before taking part in Below Deck my knowledge about makeup was very much lacking.

I’ve never worn a lot of it and I am very careful about what I put on my skin, however what girl doesn’t love to be made up to look prettier and learn how to accentuate her features.

Over the past few months I have learnt a lot about what to buy and how to wear it, mostly thanks to the beautiful Lisa Lopez & Natalie Castillo Vera,  my make up artists (& more) over the show.

I would now like to share with you the work from a recent makeup artist who prepped me for some press interviews and filming for the Today Show in New York.

Meet Juan Antonio, a New York makeup artist.



I wake up in my hotel room at the Gansevoort in New York on the 1st September not knowing what to expect from the day, it’s my first ever time in New York and I think I may be more excited about this than filming for the Today Show with Billy Bush. The thing is, I’m from England and, ashamed to say it, I only heard of the Today Show & Billy Bush two days ago.

I know from my time filming on Below Deck that getting your hair and makeup done is a nice time to relax and make some small chit chat before filming or events, so Juan was a welcome arrival at 7.30 am. He got me primed for the day ahead, and I didn’t look too bad considering I’d hardly had any sleep…Haha.





Juan uses Tom Ford products and starts with the illuminating primer, which provides a flawless base for the make up application.

He then applies the #6 stick foundation and #02 cream foundation to blend with.





“I personally hate wearing foundation that is thick and I can easily be affected by makeup but I found these products to blend beautifully, they felt light and didn’t irritate me at all.”






Juan then used the Golden Peach eye duo and Love Light blush with a Moodlight duo highlighter on my eyes.








I was then puckered with pink dusk lipstick and dusted with illuminating setting powder to finish before he spruced my hair.