I used to avoid wearing makeup at pretty much any cost.

Being very healthy with slightly sensitive skin I felt guilty and uncomfortable about any foundation, blusher or other layers being caked onto my face. It’s also true that I didn’t know how to use makeup properly until I started doing little bits of modelling and then the TV show where I was guided by amazing women in how makeup can be used positively to enhance your natural features and beauty. I was won around in one respect, although I was never able to find the balance between quality makeup that was actually GOOD for you.

Your skin is your largest organ, it absorbs a lot of what you put onto it and these ingredients end up in our bodies. With this in mind we have to be aware of the products that we’re using on a daily basis, what’s actually in them and how they affect us in the short term, long term, physically and mentally.

So, as you can imagine when I first came across Crunchi I was more than excited! I couldn’t quite believe that I had come across a Toxin-free, organic and vegan high quality makeup brand.

More reasons why I love Crunchi;

  • The products all smell pure and subtly divine
  • The foundation feels like a moisturiser
  • The products are organic, toxin-free and vegan
  • It’s against animal cruelty – yay
  • The lipsticks and lip glosses are like lip balms (and i get dry lips)
  • The primer makes you feel like you’re not wearing any makeup and is highly protective
  • The makeup is extremely high quality
  • The colour range is fabulous for any skin
  • The vegan brushes are the nicest that I have ever come across
  • The brand is making a positive stand in so many ways and I am loving the message that they’re creating

I truly believe that the awareness around toxic products and caring about what we use needs to be addressed and spoken about more. You wouldn’t believe some of the ingredients that are regularly found in skincare products that we use everyday. Ingredients such as lead and formaldehyde that are linked to cancers and many other health concerns.

To check out their products and learn more click here (CLICK HERE)