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Fashion, fitness, life style blog, Lifestyle, Wellness, yoga / 03.03.2017

Spring Wellbeing Revival!   I’m very excited to be collaborating with VITL and Urban Massage for a Spring wellbeing Revival! Always travelling, constantly jet lagged and very busy, there’s no denying that my energy and immunity is depleted, my mood is up and down, I am anxious, suffering from stress and my body is not in the condition that I would like it to be in. I try desperately to stick to a routine no matter my schedule, but there’s no getting away from how much travelling and a busy lifestyle can get in the way. So - over the next 10 days I’m abiding by...

fitness, life style blog, Lifestyle, Wellness, yoga / 17.01.2017

Firstly, what is Metabolism? Metabolism is the rate at which chemical processes occur in our bodies. This means how quickly and efficiently we break down what we consume for energy, for growth, thinking and everything else. If our metabolism is unnaturally low we can suffer from symptoms like having a difficulty losing weight to tiredness, coldness and even inflexibility. What’s fabulous is that we have a certain amount of control over how fast and efficient our metabolic rates can be! The fundamental message is that our metabolic rate is influenced by hormone balance - so it's a priority to keep our hormones balanced! HOW? While the formula...

fitness, Lifestyle, Wellness, yoga / 08.09.2016

I found a new love for yoga back in 2013 when I went on a yoga retreat in India before I started my yachting career. It was over this retreat that I realised what impact yoga can really have on your mind, as well as your body. I did 4 hours a day and it was only a week but by the end of it I was a definite yoga devotee. Also, I could now do the splits, pay more attention to my breathing and I had learnt that yoga could definitely be a life long habit, even it was only for...

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