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fitness, life style blog, Lifestyle, Trends, Wellness / 04.02.2017

I love making a healthy versions of my favourite cocktails, or even just creating and trying super sexy bespoke mixes, i’d love to let you in on some fabulous way to make your cocktails trendy, healthy-er and less prone to leave you with a horrid hangover. Make your "mixer" medicinal. High sugar fruit juices and sweetened mixer options work with the alcohol and gear you up for a dyer head and tummy upset. Lets try and be a bit smarter with our mixer options, and I'm not saying jump for soda water, because there are other, tastier options that you can go...

fitness, life style blog, Lifestyle, Trends, Wellness / 21.12.2016

It's the holiday period. Joyous, exciting, indulgent & very stressful. Also, don't you find that everyone seems to get ill?! Regardless of whether you're living in sub degree temperatures or in the glorious sun, you find that the cocktails, money expenditure, abundance of food and busy schedule leave you overtired, under the weather and sluggish as you slip out of your healthy habits. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your health over the holidays so you can really have the best time possible and feel fabulous! 1. Socialise You may be busy, trying to stay healthy and not wanting...

fitness, life style blog, Lifestyle, Trends, Uncategorized, Wellness / 07.12.2016

Fitness becomes functional, and social     There proved to be a prominent shift in the health and fitness industry over 2016. We witnessed an incredible influx of bespoke fitness studios and novel ways to workout to achieve that dream body. Our social scenes will continue to change as we increasingly become even more health conscious and receptive to ongoing trends. We’ve seen Tinder and other dating apps influence the way we meet, date & mate. This virtual influence is now meandering into the health industry. Why? It’s proving to be a viable option as our lives become busier, we work more and we go out...

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