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life style blog, Lifestyle, Wellness / 24.09.2016

Everyone’s going to be talking about CACTI We all know that sometimes the best things can be the hardest ones to get our hands on, or into. Think Oysters, Pomegranate seeds, Coconut water and toys at Christmas. With Superfood plant pulp and tonics, we’ve had Aloe Vera, Coconut H20 and more recently Birch water. It looks like the mighty Cactus may just come and overpower all its predecessors. Who knew that inside our prickly friends is quite literally a spa of beneficial minerals, vitamins and Antioxidants that your Mind and Body will love. Not only does the deceivingly loving plant house bountiful amounts of Pectin; a soluble...

Lifestyle, Wellness / 18.09.2016

What is Moringa? Moringa oil has been used extensively for thousands of years. It is extracted by pressing the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree, which is native to the Himalayan foothills. The leaves, seed pods and flowers are all edible & the bark, root and oil have additional medicinal uses too. The flowering tree is a complete powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein.   Moringa for Beauty & Wellness What we often dismiss is that the skin is our largest body organ. We absorb and excrete nutrients and toxins through our pores and, in many cases, our body is able to use these nutrients more readily than when taken orally. Moringa oil beauty products have...

Below Deck, life style blog, Lifestyle, Wellness, Yachting / 12.09.2016

Seasickness, Car Sickness & Motion Sickness can be hideous, and everyone is susceptible to it at some point in their lives. Julia D'Albert Pusey, who was the Second Stewardess on Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean decided to capitalise on the necessity for Motion Sickness ailments onboard yachts and founded Motion Medic. Motion Medic offers Acupressure bands that target the P6 Acupressure point, which is Scientifically proven to assist with reducing motion induced nausea. Natural, Drug Free  Effective  They are the perfect product for any type of motion sickness. I've written more about Motion Medic, sea sickness, preventative measures you can take and some other helpful advice on seasickness in the "Living Onboard" Section...

Below Deck, Lifestyle, Yachting / 09.09.2016

3 - 2- 1  Who enjoyed the premiere episode of Below Deck Season 4?! (if you haven't watched it yet click here to view) With all the buzz being out here and not in the UK I decided to stay in Florida for the occasion (which i'm falling in love with). I helped lay on an event at The Wyndham Grand, Jupiter, which our main Captain Lee attended, with his beautiful wife Mary-Anne. [caption id="attachment_1543" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I wore a beautiful white dress by Elysa Suzanne.[/caption] We had lots of fun, met some lovely fans, watched the episode & raised some good money for a charity close to our hearts,...

fitness, Lifestyle, Wellness, yoga / 08.09.2016

I found a new love for yoga back in 2013 when I went on a yoga retreat in India before I started my yachting career. It was over this retreat that I realised what impact yoga can really have on your mind, as well as your body. I did 4 hours a day and it was only a week but by the end of it I was a definite yoga devotee. Also, I could now do the splits, pay more attention to my breathing and I had learnt that yoga could definitely be a life long habit, even it was only for...

life style blog, Lifestyle, Wellness, Yachting / 06.09.2016

Anushka’s Spa is a beautiful upscale sanctuary in West Palm Beach that offers salon, spa and Cosmedical treatments such as laser hair removal, permanent makeup and cellulite reduction. They very kindly gave me some stewardess TLC before the premiere party for Below Deck. The beautiful ladies who worked on me were wonderfully caring and very tolerant with my unruly frizz prone hair, which is especially bad in the Floridian humidity. They conditioned it with a Kerastase mask and gave me a sleek blow dry before the make up artist, Ellie completed my makeup for the night’s event. We had the talented photographer, Jason Nuttle,

life style blog, Lifestyle, Photography, Wellness / 06.09.2016

Before taking part in Below Deck my knowledge about makeup was very much lacking. I’ve never worn a lot of it and I am very careful about what I put on my skin, however what girl doesn't love to be made up to look prettier and learn how to accentuate her features. Over the past few months I have learnt a lot about what to buy and how to wear it, mostly thanks to the beautiful Lisa Lopez & Natalie Castillo Vera,  my make up artists (& more) over the show. I would now like to share with you the work from a recent...

Lifestyle / 02.09.2016

Keeping your hair lusciously smooth, frizz free and tamed in normal day-to-day life is hard enough.

Then…throw in:
  • Salty Sea air
  • Hair dying
  • Hair straightening
  • Wearing it up all day
  • Exposing it to city pollution

These are all contributors to having dry, frizz prone and slightly unhappy hair. I know this all to well, myself having very curly hair that has been recurrently dyed...

Lifestyle, Wellness / 02.09.2016

Wherever I am in the world I always route out the juice bars, yoga studios and health shops; so I am in my heaven in Florida! I haven't ventured too far, reaching as far as Key West and residing mostly in Fort Lauderdale, but I have also touched on Miami and most recently Palm Beach. This isn't to say that I haven't tried a fair few of the juice bars, fitness studios and health restaurants while also finding myself falling for Florida more and more. I have been in lots of luck when I have visited, always being attentively looked after by one lovely human being or another, whom I have met through my time on Below Deck, Bravo's Reality TV show about yachting life. IMG_3883 Yoga is my release & relaxation for my mind, as well as my body. I feel vibrantly renewed after each class and I have found a new love for hot yoga while out in Florida. I have travelled to many parts of the world, and even though London isquite ahead with its 'clean eating' culture, Florida's availability and alternative "anti-stereotypical" healthy environment is fabulous! My favourite foodie spots?
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