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About me

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my website and blog…
Here you can discover how to get into yachting, be inspired by some Mediterranean travel info, browse my e-shop filled with what I take away in my suitcase and stay updated with my Lifestyle blog.

Who am I?

Good question, do we ever know? Haha.
My name is Emily Warburton-Adams and I am from London, England.
I joined yachting at the age of 19 when I flew out to the South of France and landed on my feet (just about) as a junior Stewardess on my first yacht.
I stayed in Yachting for 3 years before I took part on the Bravo’s TV show, “Below Deck”.

What did you do before yachting?

Before my yachting career I was set to study Psychology and Politics at Cambridge University. The decision between university or something more alternative was hard, though as you can probably guess, I opted to go down the alternative road which lead me to the BVI’s on a boat with a production team 3 years later!

How was the Below Deck experience?

AMAZING! I wouldn’t change it for the world.
It was extremely challenging, eye opening and very fun! It also opened some fabulous doors for me that I will forever be thankful for, and of course where I met my fabulous man, Ben Robinson.

Where did EnglishEmily come from?

Well, being English, and Emily the name sort of stuck.
EnglishEmily is now a brand that I am developing, along with my health and fitness brand, myPOW (my Power of Wellness).
I put this website together from the knowledge I gained to provide information on how to get into yachting. I have been slowly building it to how I eventually want it to be, there’s still a long way to go though!

Tell us some things about you?

As you may have seen if you follow me on social media, my passions lie in Health and Fitness, Fashion and I love food. I am studying to be a Health Coach through IIN, I’m a  keen traveller, runner and yogi. I’m always open to try new things!
I’m a secret creative writer and I enjoy painting too! I  also LOVE to dance, although I’m not good at it!

I mainly reside in Florida, although I visit home in London a lot and I speak to my family everyday. You can check @my_POW_ on Instagram and Facebook for my Health and Fitness posts, and @English_ems for my travels, fashion and other things that I get up to.

Thank you for checking out my site,

Emms X

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