Tibits London

“I’ve wondered about the name behind this Vegan friendly restaurant for a while.”

It was a Wednesday evening and I was meeting my beautiful friend Bianca for dinner. A very eccentric fashion designer with similar food preferences, we decided to head to Tibits, a restaurant tucked behind London’s Regent Street. The evening was extremely hot for June in London and the place was buzzing and very busy when we arrived. A rather trendy looking young man escorted us to a window table by the buffet and we were talked through the concept behind the Vegetarian hub.

As a general consensus, I would usually be a tad sceptical about buffets; I think about how long the has food been out, the quality of the produce and how many people have touched it, but I was here with an open mind.
He informs us about their food sustainability values, commitment to using local produce and their pride in the regularly changing, diverse menu. I liked the waiter and the proposed ethics, now we just had to taste the food.

Tibits could be a fun tinder date…

Assessing the buffet, I was immediately more impressed than I thought I would be. The food actually looked delicious and we almost wanted to taste everything, but being a pay by weight system this could have/would have been very expensive. Filling our plates with little bits of lots of options, I decided that this could be where the name “Tibits” comes from. (The definition of a Tibit is a unit of thousands of bits – discovered thanks to Google).

Our waiter was also right about the diversity of the menu, there’s something for everyone and I think that meat eaters would happily dine here without too much of a moan. I should also add that the bar serves organic wine options, super cocktails and healthy drinks like Kombucha (one of my favourites).

The menu often changes but I would advise trying the vegan cashew risotto made, the hummus, asian tofu or beetroot salad. I would actually recommend trying as much as possible, though this may leave you a little out of pocket.

P.S – You can take the food away in a box… and excuse my lack of photos.

Food: 4/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 4/5 | Date: 4/5

Food boat