Three of my most adventurous years yet were spent working onboard Superyachts as a Stewardess. I then I took part in the TV show Below Deck (about Superyachts) and while I may have drifted on to other things, there’s no doubt that I absolutely loved my time at sea and I really enjoy being able to show people the ropes, helping navigate them into the wonderful world of yachting! The industry is  accessible to almost anyone (even studying students) and while it can be terribly hard work, there are some fabulous perks that I would like to share with you. Have a glimpse below at some reasons why Yachting should be your next summer job!

1) You earn great money

Yachting may be extremely hard work but it pays off. There’s a lot of money to be made in the industry and because you don’t get a lot of time off and have no expenses, you can really save if you put your mind to it. Just don’t go crazy at the most expensive clubs in St Tropez on a night off …

2) It’s great life experience

As a student you’ll no doubt experience living with other people, but in yachting you’ll experience things that you probably won’t in any other job. You’ll be living, working and socialising with your crew. This is challenging, yes but you learn a host of life skills and you’ll be hanging around people of all ages from all walks of life and you become like family; it’s rather special.

3) you’ll learn how to work bloody hard

Yacht life is no walk in the park; you will most likely have trips when for days on end you’ll be working for 14-17 hours. That includes weekends and bank holidays. If there’s a job to be done, it’s finished- and everyone supports one another. It would be rare to find yourself only doing YOUR job. All hands on deck!

4) You get paid to travel

Excuse me? Yeppp – you may be working most of the time but when you’re not you’re exploring, partying, quad biking or swimming in the Caribbean Sea. Boats head to the Galapagos, Alaska and Hong Kong. There’s so much travelling to be experienced while on boats, even if you sometimes only get to see the pretty views from your window.

5) you can leave and come back

It may not be the easiest thing to do but I know people who take to the sea during their University summer breaks to earn some good money and do something different!

WARNING : Yachting is addictive – money is addictive. It’s fabulous fun but make sure you’re being true to what you want to achieve in life and what makes you happy. There are some downsides like very long periods of time away from the people who you love and care about and very limited power as to when you can have time off and what you can do with it!

On a yacht

Yachting days off in Saint Tropez

Atlantic Crossing

Views at sea on the Atlantic Crossing.

Eye Sur Mer Yachting

After a long walk in Eze Sur Mer, France.